Technology related articles as time permits. From 3D printing, electronics, microcontrollers, industrial automation, and more.

Here is a nice looking filament spool holder to go with my Kossel Mini 3D printer.  It uses printed parts
When you build your own 3D printer you can put the electronics just about anywhere.  I chose a RAMPS 1.4
I finally came to the point where I had to figure out a heated bead for my Kossel Mini 3D
It is a bit of a chore to research all the different types of hot ends and attempt to figure
I started out with Airtripper’s direct drive extruder on my 3D printer and while I liked it a lot I
Here is a fun project you can do with your kids. It’s a project box with battery, switches, LEDs, vibrating
So… I need to make more medieval siege weapons… lets get started with an afternoon project trebuchet made with 1”
Keeping your hot end can reduce jamming, as the heat travels up the filament the liniment will expand sometimes jamming
There are many options for 3D printer electronics. I like to use the Arduino Mega along with a RAMPS 1.4
You can easily power a 3D printer using an ATX PC power supply. You will need to connect the green