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You can chose just about any Bowden extruder for the Kossel Mini, I chose Airtripper’s Bowden Extruder.      
Vertical Rail Options There are several options available for the vertical movement carriage of the Kossel Mini.  The thing is
In this video I assemble the push rods, effector, and auto level probe. Push rods: They should be around 180MM and MUST be
I am in the process of rebranding everything to a more memorable name and domain: Electron Hacks... I want to get
Why I am building a Kossel Mini My first 3D printer was a Prusa Mendel V2 Reprap, after seeing the
I found gathering all the info needed to dive into RC cars as a hobby kind of confusing. It helps
  Here are some good practices when soldering electronics.
  Making Cat5 Ethernet cables or repairing the ends is quite easy. You will need a RJ45 connector, a crimper,
The useless machine is a simple box with a switch and motor, when you turn on the switch the lid
It’s fairly easy to program a replacement keyless entry remote. Even better, what if you have two vehicles the same