How to Build a Kossel Mini Tutorial, Frame

Why I am building a Kossel Mini

My first 3D printer was a Prusa Mendel V2 Reprap, after seeing the speed and precision of my bosse’s Rostock Max and drooling over his Kossel mini I decided it was time to make another printer. (You can find my Prusa Mendel V2 Reprap post here) I have found that half the fun of 3D printing is building the machine… especially if you are the type that enjoys tinkering and fiddling with gadgets. I have also found that 3D printing is absolutely a hobby, though, I am to cheap to try some of the more out of the box printers that are developing nowadays. I am not sure if the urge to build things or my cut-rate pocket-book drive my DIY printing hobby more…

At the time of writing this the Kossel Mini Videos and info online is a little lackluster. As I am fighting through trying to figure out how all the parts go together I decided to document the entire build process. Stay tuned for the videos to be added one by one as the project evolves. I am hoping to be done by the end of December 2013. I am in a fairly small town and there are plenty of parts that I wouldn’t be able to find locally even if I tried so shipping has slowed me down a bit.

The Build

Resources Kossel Page:

Build instructions:


Kossel Frame

I suppose the frame is as good of a place to start as any. The frame is made of 1515 extruded aluminum, six printed plastic vertexes, and a bunch of M3x8MM screws and nuts.


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