WordPress on Godaddy can’t send email to its own domain

After making a new wordpress site on my shared Godaddy host I fought an issue for hours where WordPress admin and ninja form emails could send to any other email address but not the email address from the same domain. Finally, I called support and the fixed it up mentioning it was something I could change… I didn’t listen closely enough. After it happened again I finally found the magic sauce in a post and decided to make my own instructions for fixing the issue with pictures!

The fix is to:

  • Go into your host cPanel,
  • Scroll down through all the options to the email section
  • Select MX records
  • Set your domains to use the Remote Mail Exchanger. That’s it!


1. Go to your hosting cPanel


2. Scroll down to Email, select MX Entry


Select your domain and set it to the Remote Mail Exchanger!


Shout out to Peach’s comment over on this post to remind me where to go.


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