Kossel Mini 3D Printer Heated Aluminum Print surface

imageI finally came to the point where I had to figure out a heated bead for my Kossel Mini 3D printer. It is OK to print smaller objects using PLA plastic without a heated bed however to print larger objects or use ABS you must have a heated bed to prevent warpage.

I also decided to try Aluminum after breaking my glass print surface and it is amazing! Aluminum heats up quicker, heats  more evenly, will never shatter, and is much cheaper than borosilicate glass. To heck with all the poo pooers making people afraid to try aluminum because it might not be as flat. I just grabbed a used aluminum backplane out of an electrical box and I can’t find any un-flatness whatsoever.


P.S. Another reason to keep your print warm is so that the layers adhere to each other properly. It can be an issue if on large prints the object cools to room temperature while printing. Sure it might look good but structurally the layers may be barely hanging on to each other.

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