3D Printer Hot End Review

It is a bit of a chore to research all the different types of hot ends and attempt to figure out which one to sink your cash into. I have had over six different types of hot ends, by far the J-Heads have been the best.

Usually the all metal or solid ceramic hot-ends conduct so much heat up the filament that it will jam easily. For my Kossel Mini I selected a J-Head clone from china on EBay hoping to save 30 bucks however it didn’t work out. It did melt the plastic however the feed rate was so slow that I had to slow down my printer drastically. I finally spend the money on a Mk V-BV from Reifsnyder Precision Works/ TriDPrinting.com/ Hotends.com. Now I can print at decent imagespeeds and am very happy so I figured I would give them an honest shout out.


There may be better hot-ends out there and I hope that someone will put out a definitive hot-end buyers guide someday. For now we will have to wade through the disorganized community and try to decipher which way to go.  A lot of information on the web seems to be either one sided, misguided, or have so little info or comparison that it makes it hard to make choices. Sorry if this sounds like a rant but my pocketbook found out the hard way that all hot-ends are not made equal.

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