DIY PVC Trebuchet

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imageSo… I need to make more medieval siege weapons… lets get started with an afternoon project trebuchet made with 1” PVC pipe.


  • Parts:
  • 40’ 1” PVC pipe
  • 6 1” Elbows
  • 4 1” Tee
  • 1 1” Collar
  • 1 1”-1/2” adapter (to hang the ball from)
  • 1 Baseball, tennis ball, or object to throw
  • 20-30lb Something heavy
  • Pipe glue
  • 5’ Rope

The video shows assembly. I tried making the swinging pipe longer but it made things worse. The mass of the swinging pipe can slow the launch. Change the length of the rope on the ball to change the trajectory.

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