Technology related articles as time permits. From 3D printing, electronics, microcontrollers, industrial automation, and more.

Adding a solar panel to a RV can provide convenient daily battery maintenance and can extend power available while camping
  I experienced this error on a XPMode Microsoft Virtual PC machine after joining it to a domain and trying
A potentiometer is a variable resistor used to resist electrical current. Think of a potentiometer as a water valve, only
Here I show how to create some usable electricity from a candle and a peltier cooler. Materials include a candle,
Photocells, (LDR) Light Dependent Resistor, Photo Resistor, Cadium Sulfide Cell (CdS), all of these names refer to the same thing.
Installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 on a computer is fairly easy, here I show the steps. If you
I decided it would be easier to explain AC and DC current if the user already knew how to use
LCD screen backlights can often go out requiring a new inverter or CFL lamp. Replacement parts can be hard to
Here I give some tips on how to solder. Newer post can be found here
  Here is my homemade function generator that can produce a square, triangle, and sign wave. This is all done