DIY RV Solar Panel Installation

Adding a solar panel to a RV can provide convenient daily battery maintenance and can extend power available while camping away from civilization.

Solar Kits or having one installed can be very costly. As I have not found any help regarding do it yourself installation I decided to document my experience installing my own solar panel on my RV roof.

For obvious reasons I can not be responsible if you decide to mount something in your roof and things go awry.


Edit: (6 months later)  I ended up modifying the frame around the solar panel by taking of the end pieces, water had gotten down underneath the panel, there was quite a bit of water traped in there when I removed the pieces. I had noticed there was something up when sometimes the camper moved positions a little water would leak off of the roof.

Taking of the small end pieces made it so that if water got under the panel it could just slide off the roof. The panel is on solid so I think the modification is all around a good idea.

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