Educational Circuit Box DIY

imageHere is a fun project you can do with your kids. It’s a project box with battery, switches, LEDs, vibrating motor, and whatever else you can come up with. it uses header pins and jumper wires to enable the user to connect circuits.


The 0.1” or 1.5mm female header pins can be acquired for a few bucks from places like Adafruit or Ebay.  You can then simply cut them to size with some dikes and file down the edges. to cut the holes in the box use a drill bit to get the holes started then use small flat or square files to quickly shape the holes. Hot glue is great to make everything stick.

Remember to use some current limiting resistors on your LED’s to lengthen your battery and LED life.

bread board jumper wires

I like to buy breadboard jumper wires from Ebay because they look nice, you can obviously make your own.



I have been raiding LEDs buttons, and lots of other components off of circuit boards for years so I had plenty of stuff to get me started. Turn some E-waste into something fun!


I hope you have some fun and think of some other stuff to add to this design!

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