DIY Kossel XL RepRap 3D Printer Build

Kossel XL 2020 RepRap

I used my first RepRap Mendel Prusa 2 to print my Kossel Mini. The Kossel Mini has been a wonderful printer but I wanted something a tad bigger so I embarked on a journey to build a big Kossel RepRap 3D printer. As of writing this post there is a significant lack of affordable kits for large Kossel printers out there so I found some inspiration online and started building my own Kossel XL 3D printer. I am very proud of the results, its gorgeous and prints great!

If you don’t know already, RepRap printers are open source, no one owns them, you do! The community has a lot of information on building your own self replicating 3D printer,


Here is the RepRap page for Kossel, it applies 96% to the Kossel XL as it is essentially the same exact thing just 50% bigger.

Stats on this specific build:

  • Height 770mm – 30″
  • Width 430mm – 18″
  • Depth 550mm – 21″
  • Print Height 250mm – 11″ (its simple to make this bigger, just get taller vertical extrusions)
  • Print Diameter 270mm – 10.5″

Other Kossel XL Pioneers for Inspiration

David Crocker’s Kossel XL build

TNN’s build on

Bill of materials (BOM)

The bill of materials is quite complex, it made the most sense to me to put it into an Excel spreadsheet. There I distinguish between core parts and all the added accessories that complete my build. I know not everyone has Microsoft Excel so here is a link to view online in office online or download the spreadsheet.

Cost for parts is in the $400 – $550 range depending on features.

View Kossel XL Parts Spreadsheet online

Download Kossel XL parts list Excel WorkBook

Printed Parts

All printed parts can be found on Thingiverse, I list them in the BOM but also have a collection of all the different parts and pieces so you can download the files you want!


It’s part of my making process that I want to document the build before it is completely finished and can be checked off in my mind. It took me maybe  120 hours to build the printer. The documentation and videos took me an additional 40 hours! I guess I can understand why most people don’t document heir work…

Why build a RepRap 3D printer and what type to make?

Big Kossel XL 3D Printer

Kossel XL 3D Printer details on build


This code goes along with the loooong video below on complete end to end software tool-chain, firmware, software, calibration, slicing, troubleshooting, and commissioning.


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